Swing House Campus, Espoo, Finland

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The Swing House Campus contains two office buildings and a hotel. It is located in one of the most attractive business area in Helsinki region. 

Swing House aims to create a work environment that produces wellbeing. Swing House will apply for the international WELL v2™ Gold level quality of building.

One of the office building as well as the hotel have frame made of DELTABEAM®. Peikko delivered 2,4 km of DELTABEAM®, over 440 tons of other steel structures and plenty of other connection products to the site. The assembly was made by Peikko Finland’s subsidiary company Peikko On-Site Services Oy.

Tomi Tuukkanen from Peikko On-Site Services says that with DELTABEAM®, it was possible to create flexible open spaces, which enable the floor plans to easily be changed to meet the varying needs in the future. DELTABEAM® slim floor structure also enabled placing of the HVAC installations in lines with corridors.

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After the negotiations, we had a strong belief that Peikko has capacity for this kind of project. In addition, our ambition met Peikko’s operating model and we were satisfied with the result.

Heikki Ristola, Site foreman, Peab

Projekto duomenys

Keskinäinen Työeläkevakuutusyhtiö Elo
Konstrukcinė dalis:
Architektūrinė dalis:
L Arkkitehdit Oy
Surenkamojo g/b gamintojas:
SBS Betoni Oy
Projektavimo darbų pradžia:
2020 - 2021
Užbaigimo metai:

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