Magazzino a Vezia, Vezia, Switzerland

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Compliance with the building height limit thanks to DELTABEAM®

In sunny Ticino, the use of the DELTABEAM® Composite Beam made it possible to limit the slab thickness of a conventional in-situ concrete slab to 28 cm despite high live loads of 10 kN/m² and 8 m spans.

In cooperation with the developer Giovanni Quadri SA and the structural designers Marcionelli & Winkler + Partners SA, it was possible to work out a solution for the Magazzino a Vezian project that did not exceed the restrictions on the building height.

The high loads caused the developer and the structural engineer to look for a solution that would allow them to realize their desired building project. Due to the restrictions in the building height, the building services / cable routing had to be integrated into the slab. Only the use of DELTABEAM® would allow the slab thickness of 28 cm to be complied with and thus also the limitation of the building height.

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Projekto duomenys

Giovanni Quadri SA
Giovanni Quadri SA
Konstrukcinė dalis:
Marcionelli & Winkler + Partners SA
Architektūrinė dalis:
Stella Maurizio e Piccaluga Dario S.a g.l. Lugano
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