Jewel Towers, Gold Coast, Australija

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The Jewel consists of three towers. The highest, central tower has 47 floors – that’s 170 meters tall. The other two are of 41 and 34 floors respectively. The towers’ development includes three levels of basement parking.

The lateral system of each building consists of primary reinforced concrete shear wall core with additional shear walls. To maintain the load-path and redistribute gravity and lateral loads from the discontinued columns and walls of the residential part to the basement level, the transfer slab was introduced. This two meter thick slab is a reinforced concrete slab which carries the load of all the floors situated above it and transfers it to the ground through columns.

ADJUSTA Joint Reinforcement was installed in the slab-to-core connections via climbing formwork to enable continuity of reinforcement between the concrete members. The majority of the ADJUSTA connections on the project were 16 mm-diameter threaded anchors at 200 mm spaced increments between the connections. The deep transfer slabs on 3rd Level carried ADJUSTA 25 mm connections at 100mm spaced increments (and in some instances 3 rows) around the core’s perimeter.

Initially, the ferrule anchors, inserted into the Rebate Former Boards, are cast into the walls. When the concrete has cured, the Rebate Former Board is removed for the second stage installation of the threaded rebars into the anchors. These rebars overlap with the main reinforcement of the in-situ poured concrete slab.

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47, 41 and 34 floors
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