Blumenau Parking House, Bratislava, Slovakia

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New parking house near the city centre, Blumenau Patrónka, Bratislava.

As the number of vehicles in the capital increases, so does the demand for parking spaces. Their efficient construction is made possible by Peikko solutions.

The extent of Blumenau parking house project consists of two slabs with DELTABEAM® and hollow-core panels in combination with filigree slab. Area of one slab is about 1 300 m2. Peikko delivered PSB® - 221 pcs, 459 kg; MODIX® - 160 pcs, 448 kg; DELTABEAM® - 63 pcs, 417 m2, approx. 60 tons. DELTABEAM® was used due to the limited size of the building plot.

The investor needed the lowest possible assembly weights of the used structural elements, which means saving construction costs. Thin slabs made it possible to shorten the access ramp and thus ensure maximum use of the area for the parking spaces themselves. Because the construction had to take place quickly and in rugged terrain, it was the best idea to use the prefabrication system.

As a result, there where no restrictions compared to conventional monolithic construction when using light prefabrication. Using DELTABEAM® can bridge a large space, where drivers do not have to worry about hitting a pole or pillar with their car.

At the same time, the beams do not have to be as massive as with a classic prefabrication, which saves space. Because it is not easy to build a tower crane in the built-up area in the city center, one important thing is, that a mobile crane is enough when using prefabrication.

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Projekto duomenys

2 x 1300 m2
Aukštų skaičius:
BTK invest s.r.o.
BTK - bývanie, teplo, klimatizácia s.r.o.
Konstrukcinė dalis:
PROPLAN, s.r.o.
Architektūrinė dalis:
FVA, s.r.o.
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Mihálek Gabriel Ing.

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