The Elite Wood Hotel and culture centre, Skellefteå, Sweden

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Central in Skellefteå is the culture house Sara / Elite Wood Hotel.
One of the world's tallest wooden houses with 20 floors and a height of almost 80 meters.

The new hotel and culture house was ready for occupancy in the autumn of 2021. The culture house houses two galleries, six different stages, a library and an open-plan foyer. The building also includes The Wood Hotel with 20 floors with 205 hotel rooms. The Wood Hotel also has a café, restaurants, a lobby bar, a conference room and a spa.

The production of the wooden elements for the frame has been produced and assembled by Martinsons / Holmen. Their production facility is located in close proximity to Skellefteå, which has contributed to short transport distances. The raw material also comes from forests in the nearby region.

For the project, Peikko delivered a tailor-made solution of Peikko WELDA® mounting plates that are designed according to specific wishes from the customer. Among other things, mounting plates were delivered with welded nail plates that included punched nail holes. The mounting plates were machined and painted to withstand the weather conditions.

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Skellefteå kommun
Martinsons/ Holmen Group
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TK Botnia
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