Siltasairaala, Helsinki, Finland

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Peikko Group’s Finnish subsidiary Peikko Finland Oy is chosen to supply DELTABEAM® Frame for hospital complex Siltasairaala, “Bridge Hospital”, to be built in Helsinki, Finland. The order comprises 12.5 kilometers of DELTABEAM® Composite Beams and 1,600 tons of composite columns and other steel structures for the frame construction. Peikko’s deliveries will start in August 2018 and continue until 2020. The hospital will be fully operational by 2023. 

The Siltasairaala project will replace the existing Töölö Hospital, and create one enormous hospital complex in unison with two existing hospitals; Tornisairaala and Kolmiosairaala. The total area of Siltasairaala is 68,700 m2. The project is developed by HUS hospital district, and the architect is Team Integrated, a union of four architectural offices. The main contractor is SRV Rakennus Oy, and the structural design is made by A-Insinöörit Oy. The Siltasairaala project uses the Big Room working method, joining the designers, constructors, investors and end users to collaborate closely and regularly work in the same space.

“The time used for the frame installation is crucially important for this project’s schedule. A steel frame with Peikko’s DELTABEAM® and composite columns was the best choice not only because of the speed of installation, but also because it allows for a slim floor structure, leaving more space for HVAC installations. In a hospital project this is a very significant factor,” describes Mirja Serenius, Project Manager at SRV Rakennus Oy.

“Over the years, Peikko and SRV Rakennus Oy have had long and fruitful cooperation in several hospital projects. When the project requires flexible and open spaces with slim floors and efficient construction time, our DELTABEAM® Frame is the perfect match,” explains Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation.  

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Projekto duomenys

68,700 m2
HUS Hospital District
SRV Rakennus Oy
Konstrukcinė dalis:
A-Insinöörit Oy
Architektūrinė dalis:
Team Integrated
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