Kineum, Göteborg, Sweden

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A hotel and office building out of the ordinary.

The office building Kineum and JACY'Z Hotel & Resort certainly does not skimp on the amenities.

This building really stands out. Not only with its 27 floors and its architecturally climbing facade, but also by creating in a creative and inspiring way the feeling that the workplace should be associated with joy, giving inspiration to the feeling of a place you want to be.

Inside the building there are not only offices but also four restaurants, social areas with pool tables, a gym, and a swimming pool. In addition, there is a flower shop and the possibility of bicycle renovation.

The entire property is certified according to BREEAM

For the project, Peikko has supplied a number of customized plates that are used throughout the building.

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Projekto duomenys

28000 m2
Aukštų skaičius:
Architektūrinė dalis:
Reflex Arkitekter
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