Duffey Lofts Building B, Minneapolis, USA

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DELTABEAM® Adds Extra Headroom in an Adaptive Reuse Project in Minneapolis.

Located in Minneapolis' North Loop neighborhood, Duffey Lofts is a 188-unit mixed-use project situated on the former CJ Duffey Paper Co site.

Three historic warehouses were transformed into apartments, retail space, and parking spaces as part of this adaptive reuse project. Chicago-based CEDARst Companies is the project's developer, and RJM Construction is the project's general contractor. Both the engineering and architectural work was completed by BKV Group. Among the features of the project is a 4,000-square-foot Crane Room which serves as a lobby, coworking space, a coffee shop, and concierge services.

Building B is comprised of 3 stories of parking and 1 story of residential on the top floor. In a historic building with restricted space, DELTABEAM® was incorporated along with ComSlab long span metal deck to ensure a lightweight structure and easy handling of materials.

A vibration test was conducted on the DELTABEAM® / ComSlab assembly by Brad Davis, co-author of the AISC Design Guide 11 (of floor vibration due to human activity) to ensure the observed behavior of the DELTABEAM® / ComSlab assembly was in line with theoretical calculation results.

The completion of the Building B portion of the project took place in April 2021.

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Projekto duomenys

3,000 m2
32,300 ft2
Aukštų skaičius:
Cedarst Companies
RJM Construction
Konstrukcinė dalis:
BKV Group - Minneapolis
Architektūrinė dalis:
BKV Group - Minneapolis
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