Capella Laboratory, Cambridge, UK

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A new laboratory for Cambridge University based on the Addenbrooks Hospital site.

Featuring 489nr DELTABEAM® @ 2.75km, the design required very low response factors due to sensitive lab equipment.

The origional cast in-situ design was for a 700mm deep slab but after a lot of work it was shown that D32-500 DELTABEAM® Composite Beams along with 300mm deep hollowcore with a 200mm structural topping would meet the vibration performance specfication.

DELTABEAM® along with other offsite methods allowed the construction time to be 20 weeks faster and reduced over 500 truck deliveries when compared to the cast in-situ solution.  

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Our onsite construction program was 20 weeks faster and saved over 2,500 man weeks in comparison with the envisaged in-situ solution. Additionally the overall carbon footprint was significantly reduced with fewer truck deliveries and high quality offsite production of the steel Deltabeams and precast concrete units

Nickie Brown, Managing Director PCE Ltd

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17,000 m² m2
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Fairhurst Design Group
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