Yug Residential Complex, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

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The Yug Residentail Complex was launched in 2012 covering the territory of 22 hectars along the river Oka.

The main idea of the complex is to provide the most comfortable conditions for living. The height of the building amounts to 17 floors.

Special recreation zones were designed in the project and the complex contains underground parking for 800 cars.

For the project the customer chose Peikko's HPKM®, HPM® Bolted connections, PVL®, and PCs® ensuring speed of installation and reliablity of the project.

Projekto duomenys

37,000 m2
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ООО "Жилстрой-НН"
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Андрей Ткачев

Tel. +7 812 329 07 04