Krasnogorskleksredstva Plant, Krasnogorsk, Russia

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Krasnogorskleksredstva has unique equipment for grinding, separation, mixing, and packaging of medicinal herbs - specific operations which are typical for pharmaceutical companies that use vegetative raw materials.

Usage of modern equipment based on German and Russian herb development allows for production according to international rules of producing medicines (GMP).

For the project they used Peikko's HPKM® and HPM® Bolted Connection solutions that guaranteed faster and more efficient delivery.

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АО «Красногорсклексредства»
ЗАО "АйСиСи"
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ЗАО "АйСиСи"
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Вилен Коломеец

Вилен Коломеец

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Mob. +7 921 334 40 70